Governance & Business Planning
with Kevin Fish

Putting the theory into practice for effective Committees and meaningful business plans

Dress Code – Jacket and Tie
Time: 9.15am for 10am start – 4.30 finish
Education Points: 6

The burden of responsibility at clubs often falls to just a few committed members, who often experience the common problems that club committees find themselves wrestling with –

  • painfully long meetings
  • inconsistency of direction at the club
  • struggling to attract the best possible candidates to best serve the club 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

After 20 years of supporting clubs Kevin Fish CCM has seen some good, some bad and some highly dysfunctional club committees, and in this workshop he will show you how to put common sense solutions in to practice at your club.

In this workshop, Kevin will help you reach that stage where the Committee Meetings you lead are something that others look forward to being a part of, and he will help you to lay down a strategy for creating your club’s blue print for success, in the form of a simple but effective business plan.  

About Kevin Fish

Kevin Fish CCM has worked in the Club Industry for over 20 years, and was recognised by the GCMA as the UK Manager of the Year in 2004 whilst managing the Glen GC in North Berwick. He was the first manager in Europe to secure the global designation of Certified Club Manager and has addressed audiences from Singapore to Stockholm.  His the architect of the successful MDP programme for Club Managers in Europe, and has been invited by CMAA to address the World Conference of Club Management in the USA on over a dozen occasions.   He now runs his own training, consultancy and recruitment firm, Contemporary Club Leadership Ltd, where he continues to inspire leaders to professionalise their industry and fulfil their potential.



Huddersfield Golf Club
Fixby Hall, Lightridge Rd, Huddersfield HD2 2EP

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Business Planning with Kevin Fish 11.12.2019 - Member

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Travellers Club
106 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5EP

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Business Planning with Kevin Fish 15.01.2020 - Member

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